Blood Sausages this Halloween!

I am a sucker for Dinuguan (pork blood stew).  Wait, I think I sounded like a vampire with that statement, haha!  What I mean is, I really love Dinuguan whether it’s eaten with rice or puto (rice cake).  This is why I got curious after receiving news of Gaudi’s blood sausages.

Blood Sausage

Gaudi Restaurant serves Morcilla, or blood sausages, both as a tapa and as an ingredient in stews. Morcilla is generally a thicker sausage, about 2 ½ to 3 inches across, stuffed with pig’s blood, rice, onions and spices. For only Php 200, you can get to enjoy the enticing flavor and texture of Morcilla with your family and friends this halloween at Gaudi Restaurant. I wonder if my boys will be as brave and curious as I am to try this, hmmmm….

About Gaudi Restaurant:

Gaudi  is open daily from 11am until 11pm. Wine all-you-can paired with tapas and canapé’s is served every Friday from 6pm to 9pm. Located at Ground Level of Serendra, Fort Bonifacio, Gaudi is surrounded by top Bussiness Offices, theatres and high end shops, making it an ideal spot for a quiet coffee, a fashionable business lunch or a romantic dinner.

Gaudi offers a modern Spanish cuisine headed by Executive Chef Alexandra Cacho, the restaurant specializes in tapas and paellas plus a wider range of salad, pasta and dessert. The wine selection is from around the world valued well for money. The unique design of the restaurant reflects the art and genius of Catalonian architect Antoni Gaudi. For more information and reservations, call 856-0473.

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