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Holiday Ham: The Premium-Cut Ham

There is no doubt that the most important food of the Noche Buena is the ham. While there are a number of meat brands everyone is familiar with, there is only one that offers the best-tasting ham which not only makes the holiday special but also a cut above the rest. Introducing the Holiday Ham – the premium-cut ham.

Here are three things which make this ham the best among the rest:

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KFC’s Double Down Chicken Sandwich

KFC Double Down SandwichForgive me.  I know I’m not supposed to have it but I had to try it.  There was so much talk about the KFC Double Down Chicken Sandwich over Plurk the other night which obviously aroused my culinary curiosity.

So I ordered the double down “sandwich” this afternoon to see what it has to offer. True enough, it was cheese, bacon, and mayo sandwiched between two boneless slices of original recipe chicken. It looked really yummy judging from how it looked and smelled. I had to keep my sanity intact to remember that I can’t have too much of this meal.

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