KFC’s Double Down Chicken Sandwich

KFC Double Down SandwichForgive me.  I know I’m not supposed to have it but I had to try it.  There was so much talk about the KFC Double Down Chicken Sandwich over Plurk the other night which obviously aroused my culinary curiosity.

So I ordered the double down “sandwich” this afternoon to see what it has to offer. True enough, it was cheese, bacon, and mayo sandwiched between two boneless slices of original recipe chicken. It looked really yummy judging from how it looked and smelled. I had to keep my sanity intact to remember that I can’t have too much of this meal.

KFC Double Down Sandwich

I only had a bite or two. I found it too salty and oily. And yes, up to this moment, I still feel guilty for having taken in too much grease. Too bad, Rap didn’t want a bite, too. He’s not too much of a fan of cheese and mayo.

Then again, it’s not that bad for a hundred bucks you know. However, I would have loved it if we had the grilled chicken variety like what they have in the States.

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  • Oh I thought that we can choose between grilled and original chicken. Didn’t know that in Manila, we can only have the original chicken variant.

    I haven’t tried it still even though I love KFC chicken. Whenever I visit and try to order, it’s always sold out.

    I guess it’s not meant to be heehhe 😛

  • i bet thats damn tasty!

  • Geneviere

    Tomo! ito nga ang aking nabasa…kaya nga naging wais ako at…TSARAAAAAN! not bad kung kakainin with rice and LARGE COLESLAW,