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D’ Thordies at MeiDolls Cafe

One episode of Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho featured a cute cafe that was apparently the first Tokyo maid cafe in the Philippines. The place looked as cute and youthful as its maids/servers and that immediately caught the attention of my husband, hahaha! What surprised us, though, is that it’s only a few kilometers away from our home. Yep,  MeiDolls Cafe is located in our bright and booming little town of Cainta!

MeiDolls Cafe

Since it’s my sister’s birthday today and we agreed to meet up in my parents’ home in Greenwoods last Sunday, we decided to cap the night by having tea, coffee, and desserts at MeiDolls Cafe. All five of us were there together with Dadi, my brother-in-law Gene, the kids (Rapi, my nephew Clyde, and my baby niece Tiki), and my youngest brother’s girlfriend, Carie.

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Agra Ka Petha (Indian Sweet Sugar Cubes)

2011-03-02 Sugar Cubes-3

Colorful Indian sweets.

When it comes to Indian food, what immediately comes to mind are the countless spices that give it its distinct hot and spicy flavor. I seldom see features on Indian sweets so when one show in Discovery Travel and Living Channel finally did a feature on it, I was all eyes and ears. One of the delicacies featured in the show was Agra Ka Petha.

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