Agra Ka Petha (Indian Sweet Sugar Cubes)

2011-03-02 Sugar Cubes-3

Colorful Indian sweets.

When it comes to Indian food, what immediately comes to mind are the countless spices that give it its distinct hot and spicy flavor. I seldom see features on Indian sweets so when one show in Discovery Travel and Living Channel finally did a feature on it, I was all eyes and ears. One of the delicacies featured in the show was Agra Ka Petha.

Petha (Indian Sweets)

This product carried the Sweety brand.

Agra is the place in India where you can see the Taj Mahal. It is said that the place has not only become famous because of the Taj but also because of its locally made Petha. Petha is made from sweetened white pumpkins which are pored and boiled in sugary syrup. Colors are added to indicate its flavor.

Dadi just came home from a business trip in India and he saw packages of Petha sold in the side streets on his way back to Mumbai from Pune. Out of curiosity, I tasted one colorless cube and it tasted much like a jelly bean. It’s too sweet for my taste actually and I think even the boys cannot eat all of these cubes in just one sitting. It’s not that bad really for a certified sweet tooth. Unfortunately, I can’t afford to be one. I guess this small pack will stay a little bit longer in my cupboard.

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