Ebi Tempura Bento at RK Hotel Subic

My favorite food is Japanese especially Ebi Tempura. When we are in a Japanese restaurant, I prefer ordering bento because it’s already a complete meal.

RK Hotel's tempura bento

When we were in Subic last weekend, we had dinner at RK Hotel where we stayed for the night. Mami and Dadi ordered Sinigang na Sugpo but I ordered Ebi Tempura Bento. I was surprised because it’s jampacked at only 300 pesos!

RK Hotel's tempura bento

There’s the Ebi Tempura, Japanese rice, few pieces of sausages, pickled yellow radish, fruits, and kimchi (because the owner of the hotel is Korean). There’s also Miso Soup that’s not in the photo.

This bento is the best! I hope we have at bento box at home so I can have a bento box for lunch in school!

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