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MetroDeal’s 8-inch Cheesecake, etc. Cake at 50% off

In our family, cheesecakes are reserved only for ultra-special occasions. They are yummy, no doubt about that. But the price does eat a big chunk of our budget. In fact, we buy cheesecakes only by the slice. So imagine my delight when MetroDeal offered a whole 8″ Cheesecake, etc. cheesecake at 50% off. Instead of Php 995, the Mango Passion cheesecake I ordered only cost Php 495. Sweet!

Mango Passion Cheesecake

Mango Passion Cheesecake from Cheesecake, etc.

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Tulip Chocolate and Crisco Baking Demos with Chef Joey Prats

For the whole month of July, Chef Joey Prats shares his expertise in baking desserts and pies in a series of baking demos using Tulip Chocolate and Crisco baking ingredients. I was invited to witness the first baking demo that was held last July 5, 2011 at Living Well, The Podium.

2011-07-05 Chef Joey Prats Baking Demo LowRes (3)

Chef Joey at work.

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Hansel Premium Cheese Sandwich, My New Favorite

This is my new favorite, Hansel Premium Cheese Sandwich. I like it because I love cheese except Chiz Whiz. It’s better than junk food and it tastes like Combos!

Mami's Instagram shot while we were in KK, hehehe.

Mami bought this box of Hansel Premium Cheese Sandwich at 7-11 for 37 pesos. I think it’s not that expensive because there are many sandwiches in each box. I think it’s 15 to 20 pieces in each box. Aaaah, it’s so addicting because the cheese is not salty and the crackers taste so milky.

This is my last box. I hope Mami will pass by 7-11 again and buy us our Hansel Premium Cheese Sandwich stock for the week.

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SM Hypermarket presents SM Master Chefs

On its 10th year, SM Hypermarket presents the SM Master Chefs program. The grand project consists of a grand cooking demo, kitchen makeovers, and a set of cook-offs that will surely be awaited by foodies like me.

SM Master Chefs

Nineteen master brands support the program, namely: Knorr, Nestle All Purpose Cream, Unilever Food Solutions, Tabasco, Lee Kum Kee, Lady’s Choice, Maggi, Clara Ole, Kikkoman Soy Sauce, San Remo, McCormick, Bounty Fresh Chicken, CDO, Purefoods Tender Juicy Hotdog, Purefoods Star Hotdog, Magnolia Cheeze spread, Magnolia Purefresh, Magnolia All Purpose Cream, and Magnolia Dari Crème.

2011-06-29 SM Super Chefs (16)

Chef Menoy Gimenez makes a burrito with CDO Holiday Hotdogs and San Marino Tuna Paella

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