Hansel Premium Cheese Sandwich, My New Favorite

This is my new favorite, Hansel Premium Cheese Sandwich. I like it because I love cheese except Chiz Whiz. It’s better than junk food and it tastes like Combos!

Mami's Instagram shot while we were in KK, hehehe.

Mami bought this box of Hansel Premium Cheese Sandwich at 7-11 for 37 pesos. I think it’s not that expensive because there are many sandwiches in each box. I think it’s 15 to 20 pieces in each box. Aaaah, it’s so addicting because the cheese is not salty and the crackers taste so milky.

This is my last box. I hope Mami will pass by 7-11 again and buy us our Hansel Premium Cheese Sandwich stock for the week.

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