eBay Philippines’ Kuponan offers great food deals for foodies

Don’t you love shopping for deals? Well, I do. Of course, I wouldn’t let a chance to buy a good foodie deal pass without me availing it because the boys and I love eating out! This is why I’m so glad to discover eBay Philippines‘ new group buying site, Kuponan.



I’m sure most of you are already familiar with eBay.ph and the various group buy philippines sites that have sprouted in the Internet lately. However, eBay Kuponan distinguishes itself from the others by having the buyer pay only part of the discounted price online and the rest will be paid directly to the merchant.

To further illustrate this scheme, let’s take this yummy and super affordable meal deal from Jacob’s Shawarma as an example.

The actual value of a Kuskus and Turkey Rice Dish is Php 230. But at 44% off, the price goes down to Php 130 which is already 100 bucks savings on the part of the buyer.

To get started, a buyer should first have an existing eBay account to be able to purchase the deal. Once logged in, all the buyer has to do is to click the Pay Now button which will redirect to the payment page.

Jacob’s Shawarma is in the same building where Rap takes his Kumon classes every Thursday. Since we go there after class and his session ends at 6 p.m., we’ll be dining there after. I bought coupons for both of us because I want to finally introduce my boy to Persian and Turkish food.

I paid for the deal using my Paypal funds and I got the confirmation email after sending my payment details to kuponan.ebay@gmail.com (as instructed in the fine print of the deal).  According to the email, the coupons will be sent to my email within a week.  Not a problem, actually, because the deal will start next week anyway.

Interested? Visit www.kuponan.ph and don’t forget to sign in to your eBay.ph account or sign up for one. Just in case you don’t have a Paypal account to pay for the deal, payments can be made through BDO or GCash.

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