Hainanese Delights, Robinsons Galleria

One of my favorite chicken dishes is Hainanese Chicken. I also like steamed chicken especially if it’s Hainanese style. The rice that goes with it is flavorful and so are the dipping sauces.

Hainanese Chicken Delight Robinsons Galleria

It’s our first time to try eating at Hainanese Chicken Delight. I have MTAP training every Saturday afternoon in Poveda so we often eat lunch first in Robinson’s Galleria. I asked Mami that we try eating here for a change.

Hainan Delight (Hainanese Delights)

Mami ordered Hainan Delight (Php 120) which is the classic Hainanese chicken recipe while I ordered the Hainanese Fried Chicken (Php 120). Both are served with unlimited Hainanese rice. I tasted both dishes and I like the fried version more because I find the chicken tastier. The steamed version has more chicken juices, though. Aside from these, we also ordered steamed Kuchay dumplings (Php 100) canned soda (Php 35 each).

Hainanese Fried Chicken (Hainanese Delights)

Now I know why the place is often crowded especially at lunchtime. I’ll be sure to go back because we haven’t tasted the other dishes, yet. Maybe next time, I’ll eat there with Dadi.

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  • Rhoda Fajardo

    Wow! I’m starving. Where’s this restaurant located? The steamed chicken looks really yummeh! I really love it when my ulam is juicy! =D