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Zubuchon, Cebu’s World Famous Lechon

Internationally acclaimed food expert, Anthony Bourdain, called it the “best pig, ever!” I couldn’t agree more.

2012-03-18 Cebu LR (100)

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Wicked Oreos

Wicked Oreos is currently Rap‘s favorite dessert.  He discovered it through his cousin, Megan, a week  before our first meal at Flamings Wings where it’s a  bestseller.  It’s very easy to cook and the ingredients are easy to find.  Kids can even do this with minimal supervision.

2012-04-25 Wicked Oreos LR (2)

2012-04-25 Wicked Oreos LR

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Kuya J Restaurant

We just had a short vacation in Cebu City a week after my Rap’s school ended. We were all first-timers and all I knew about Cebu were the things I read from the Internet. Thankfully, Cebu Pacific’s Smile Magazine for March featured top dining spots in Cebu. That’s how we got to read about Kuya J Restaurant.

2012-03-17 Cebu Day 1 LR (9)

Very homey!

Kuya J Restaurant is one of the many small restaurants that sits among the residential units along Orchid St. near the city’s capitol. It’s only a block away from Gran Tierra Suites where we were billeted so we just walked to reach the place. It’s also directly in front of STK Ta Bay, another popular seafood grill resto in the area (we also had dinner there but that would be for a separate post).

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