STK ta Bay! sa Paolito’s Seafood House

Booking ourselves a room in Gran Tierra Suites near the Cebu City capitol proved to be an advantage as we were just within walking distance to the restaurants in Orchid Street. On our first night in Cebu, we had dinner at Kuya J Restaurant which is just across STK ta Bay! STK ta Bay! was already crowded when we arrived. Thus, on our second night, we made sure that we arrive in the place early enough to reserve us some good seats.

2012-03-18 Cebu LR (126)
Just like Kuya J’s, STK ta Bay! was once a home that was converted into a restaurant. Food is grilled by the garage entrance which also serves as a dining area should it becomes crowded inside.

2012-03-18 Cebu LR (124)

STK stands for Sugba, Tola, and Kilaw which are the Cebuano words for grill, stew, and ceviche respectively. Meanwhile, bay means friend in Cebuano so STK ta Bay! means something like “let’s STK, friend!”

2012-03-18 Cebu LR (120)

Grilled Pork Ribs (Php 245)

Since we had lechon at Zubuchon for lunch, we thought that it would be good to eat something grilled and dry. And so, we ordered grilled pork ribs and the tuna panga (jaw) of which they are famous for.

2012-03-18 Cebu LR (121)

Grilled Tuna Panga (Php 350)

The sizes of these dishes are for sharing. Actually, we almost didn’t finish the ribs because of its enormous size. As for the taste, well… I can say that it’s not that special. Maybe because we only ordered their grilled fare and we were not able to taste the other dishes.

2012-03-18 Cebu LR (123)

Dadi had San Mig Light (Php 35) while Rap and I shared a Coke Litro (Php 45).

We came in early in the evening but the place was jampacked already and that is also the reason why I wasn’t able to get decent shots of its interior. The dining area is actually small and crowded compared to Kuya J’s and we actually felt pressured to finish our meal quickly so the other waiting guests could come in. The servers were also too busy to accommodate our needs since it was a Sunday.

2012-03-18 Cebu LR (127)

The boys with their happy tummies lounging outside STK Ta Bay!

Overall, I would still choose to go back and taste the other dishes that STK Ta Bay! has to offer on our next trip to Cebu. We may, however, just avoid going there on a weekend.

Stay tuned for more of our Cebu food trip posts!

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  • Jennie

    Sarap!!!! This is what we failed to do during our recent trip to Cebu. We were too apprehensive to go around the city by ourselves. Haha!

  • peachkins

    We also ate in a restaurant named STK when we were in Bohol!

  • looks like a very grand day for you. yummy foods.

  • jared’s mum

    tuna is one of my favorites + it has been awhile since i’ve had some. your post is now making me ultra-hungry + craving for it! 🙂

    • Kahit ako nagki-crave sa photo! It’s also seldom that we get to eat fresh grilled tuna here in Manila.

  • these photos made me drool..ang sarap!

  • wonderfullyfab

    would love to visit cebu one of these days 🙂

  • Calel Noble

    We gotta visit this place when we go back to Cebu. Great post! The food looks really good too 🙂