Relax and Refresh with ChaLife Milk Tea

A lot of milk tea shops have sprouted in the Metro lately. Clearly, the milk tea craze has taken Manila by storm. What’s there not to love about milk tea, anyway? Hot or cold? I drink it either way. I prefer to have cold refreshing milk tea in the afternoon and on hot days and warm relaxing milk tea to cap the night. But let’s admit it, it’s not that convenient to have milk tea all the time. Oftentimes, I’m already too tired to prepare a mug after a stressful day. My budget doesn’t allow me to buy regularly from the shops either.

ChaLife Milk Tea
Thankfully, I discovered ChaLife Milk Tea. At only Php 7.50 per sachet, it’s not only affordable but convenient to prepare anytime, anywhere. It tastes good too. I usually ask for 75% sweetness in milk tea shops and ChaLife almost gives that same amount of sweetness. A tip though, it’s best to dilute the mixture first in hot water first for easy mixing if you want to enjoy it cold.

ChaLife Milk Tea
ChaLife Milk Tea is available at 7-11 outlets, Landmark, and other supermarkets nationwide. For more information on ChaLife Milk Tea or to get updates on their promos, like ChaLife Milk Tea on Facebook (

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  • genevierefreedman

    StHmmm…anong pagkakaiba ng lasa nya from Lipton milk tea? How about a post comparing the ready mix milk tea in the market?

  • Mas matapang ang lasa ng Lipton Milk Tea and I didn’t quite like it when I tasted it before.

  • Food Taste and Recipe

    I love drinking tea and I think I need to experiment and taste this milk tea you are talking about. Looks delicious.

  • Venice

    I agree, this one’s so close to that of what you buy in Milk Tea stores. I wish I can get the wintermelon flavor somewhere so it’ll be a perfect wintermelon milk tea for me everyday.