Chill and grill with Dowell Grill Express

Our family loves eating grilled food. I prefer grilled over fried but sometimes, grilling can be a hassle. I hate being the one to fire up the grill because that could mean frantically fanning the charcoal and inhaling all the smoke. I bet you don’t like that either. Fortunately,  we can still have an enjoyable barbecue with the family minus the stress with the new Dowell Grill Express.

2012-10-18 Dowell Chill and Grill LR (13)

Dowell Grill Express IG 288

The Dowell Grill Express (IG 2880) is the new addition to Dowell’s line-up of quality indoor grill products. See its specs below:

  • Elegant stainless steel body,
  • 13.4 diameter cooking surface
  • Non-stick ribbed plate
  • Adjustable temperature setting
  • Thermostat and thermal fuse for safety
  • Tempered glass cover
  • Oil drip tray

I witnessed how convenient grilling with the Dowell Grill Express is at the Chill and Grill event held recently. While Chef Sharwin Tee prepared three yummy grilled recipes, we, the audience, were able to grill our own versions on a Dowell Grill Express (each table was assigned one unit).

2012-10-18 Dowell Chill and Grill LR (8)

Chef Sharwin Tee heating up the grill.

We were able to whip up Grilled Watermelon Salad, Grilled BBQ Pork Sandwich, and Grilled Bacon Rice Cakes in an hour. That’s how easy and time-saving Dowell Grill Express is!

2012-10-18 Dowell Chill and Grill LR (2)

Grilling the watermelon for the salad.

2012-10-18 Dowell Chill and Grill LR (6)

Grilling pork tenderloin for the sandwich.

2012-10-18 Dowell Chill and Grill LR (10)

Grilling the bacon rice cakes. This is my favorite among the three!

Dowell Grill Express is available in all SM Appliance branches nationwide at Php 2,390 only. By the way, I’ll be making separate posts for the recipes of the grilled dishes we made so stay tuned!

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