Frabelle Premium Honey Glazed Ham

How was your Christmas feast? Ours was a happy one even though I felt a bit tired from all the cooking I did. Yes, I did all the cooking even though we spent Noche Buena at my parents home. I prepared Spaghetti, Beef Stroganoff, Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet, Lo Han Chai, and Soy Garlic Chicken. But this post will not be about that, but about the new addition to our Christmas feast which is Frabelle Premium Honey Glazed Ham.

Before Noche Buena, we haven’t tried buying and tasting any Frabelle Foods product. I have always been the type of shopper who’s faithful to my favorite brands. But Frabelle Foods sent me their Frabelle Premium Honey Glazed Ham to try and I was so happy that it arrived 2 days before Noche Buena.

Frabelle Christmas Ham
Honestly, I was hesitant at first to serve Frabelle Premium Honey Glazed Ham last Noche Buena. We shared the feast with a dozen more family members and I was afraid that it wouldn’t taste as good as our usual brand of Christmas Ham. It was a delightful surprise, however, that Frabelle’s ham did not disappoint!

2012-12-24 Christmas Eve LR (15)
The first thing that I noticed about it was its smoky aroma, something that our usual brand doesn’t have. The meat also has that smoky flavor which is just so yummy! According to Frabelle Foods, they prepare their Honey Glazed Ham the traditional way which means it is naturally smoked using natural wood chips.

I popped the ham in the oven for 15 minutes  and sliced it after. Just as simple as that. I didn’t even bother to make a syrup to go with it because the sugar and honey that was glazed on it was enough to give it a sweet succulent taste. I also noticed that there were no jelly-like substances on the meat (again, something that our usual brand has) and I am so thankful for that. I have always disliked removing that jelly something that I find so icky! Syrup ba ‘yon? I’m not really sure because it doesn’t melt when the ham is heated, eh!

As for the meat, I loved the fact that Frabelle used whole-muscle ham leg. There were even streaks of fat much to my Mama’s delight, haha! Well, my late Lola always said that fat enhances the flavor of meat so there’s always a bit of fat in our pork dishes. My mom also liked how the meat tasted because it wasn’t salty like the other brands.

My siblings were also surprised when I told them that it’s Frabelle and not our usual brand of ham. Like me, they were not yet familiar with the brand. But we all loved it so there will definitely be another Frabelle Premium Honey Glazed Ham in our Media Noche table this New Year’s Eve!

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  • u8mypinkcookies

    looks yummy with hot pandesal 😀