Kopiko L.A. Coffee, coffee that’s friendly to the tummy

I’m a certified coffee addict! I can’t start my day without coffee and I also have a coffee break before my day ends. It’s actually weird how the rich aroma of a steaming mug of coffee can relax me and, at the same time, keep me alert. I love coffee, period. My husband’s a different story, though. He’s hyperacidic and has problems drinking too much coffee. There are even days that he won’t drink coffee just so his tummy won’t get acidic. Thanks to Kopiko L.A. Coffee, we now both enjoy drinking coffee without worrying about hyperacidity.

2013-04 Kopiko 001 LR

Kopiko L.A. Coffee is the first low-acid coffee mix in the Philippines. It’s made from select high grade coffee beans that underwent a controlled roasting process that reduced its acidity to make coffee-drinking more stomach-friendly.

2013-04 Kopiko 002 LR

I first thought that, since it’s low-acid, Kopiko L.A. Coffee would not have the same rich aroma that I’m enjoying with the Kopiko Brown Coffee variant. Surprisingly, it has a robust coffee aroma and a light creamy taste. Plus, it’s also just Php 6.00 per sachet.

Kopiko L.A. Coffee is available at all leading groceries and supermarkets nationwide. It is manufactured by PT Mayora and distributed by TriDharma Marketing Corporation.

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