Streetfood Trippin’ at Old Chang Kee in Singapore

For our recent trip to Singapore, my boy did his research and specifically concentrated on finding the best hawker centers in town. Aside from finding about Kopitiam, he was also able to read about Old Chang Kee. Luckily, we passed by the stall along North Bridge Road just across Funan Digitalife Mall so we bought some of their bestsellers for snacks back at our hotel.

2013-05-19 Singapore Day 1 14
Founded way back in 1956, what was once a small stall along Mackenzie Road has now grown into a fast food chain that is recognized by the US-based Travel & Leisure Magazine as one of the world’s best. Old Chang Kee has grown into a franchise spreading not only across Singapore but also in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Australia.

2013-05-20 Singapore Day 2 140
Since Old Chang Kee is best known for its delicious curry puff, we didn’t dare to miss it. And true to its promise, Old Chang Kee’s Curry’O was divine. Inside each piece were bite-size chicken pieces mixed with potatoes, boiled eggs, and curry and other herbs and spices. Honestly, I think I devoured two curry puffs in one sitting. It was filling, too.

2013-05-20 Singapore Day 2 141
Aside from the Curry’O, we also bought sticks of their seafood and chicken favorites. Those three sticks that you see are Fishball, Sotong Head (squid head and tentacles) and Chicken Wrap. Sotong Head is my personal favorite because it can also be eaten with rice and I’m all for seafood.

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Rap’s praying that there’ll be an Old Chang Kee outlet here in the Philippines. Although the items are a bit pricey if you convert it, the taste is all worth it.

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