1st Colonial Grill, Naga City Centro

In the summer of 2014, my business had me and Alex driving to Legazpi City in Albay. Being the adventurous foodies that we are, of course, we also grabbed the chance to try out what’s offered by the province’s local restos. One of the restaurants in Legazpi City that we tried was 1st Colonial Grill in Pacific Mall.

While the husband ordered something that’s not so Bicolano, I got Pasta Bicolana (which was more like Aglio Olio with siling labuyo) and the restaurant’s specialty, Colonial Burger. For dessert, we each got a serving of its Sili Ice Cream and Pili Ice Cream. The frozen delights were enough to convince us to come back with Ralph in tow.

We deserve a great #dinner after this very productive day! #SutlaFlawlessCaravan #SutlaFlawless #LegazpiCityAlbay

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So when we finally had the chance to do so, we had Ralph order Sili and Pili Ice Cream again. Not surprisingly, he loved the chili ice cream better.

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Now there’s no need for us to go to Legazpi City just to have a taste of Sili Ice Cream because 1st Colonial is now in our second home, Naga City! What’s even more better is that they now have 2 branches in the city: SM City Naga and Naga Centro.

1st Colonial Grill, Naga City Centro
I travel to Naga City monthly to oversee our store operations and was really happy that thes restaurant along Elias Angeles Street is already operating. It’s only a short walk away from our store so it’s convenient for me to take my lunch there.

1st Colonial Grill Naga City

1st Colonial Grill, Naga City Centro
Well, I guess, nabitin ako sa Pasta Bicolana so I ordered it again, haha!

1st Colonial Grill, Naga City Centro
I dunno why, but everything I ordered seemed to be a repeat of what I had in Legazpi City! Here’s the Colonial Burger which I really like. It reminds me of our small neighborhood burger joint that sells really cheap but tasty burgers. The coleslaw was similar as well. Alam mo yung simpleng cabbage shreds lang with mayo and seasonings pero masarap? Ah.. brings me back to my childhood in Ermita, Manila.

1st Colonial Grill, Naga City Centro
For dessert, I also got myself Pili Ice Cream. Di ko kaya ubusin ang Sili Ice Cream mag-isa!

1st Colonial Grill, Naga City Centro
1st Colonial Grill’s meal offerings are not really different from the usual menu of restaurants in Manila as there are just a few authentic Bicolano dishes. Still, take the time to visit if ever you’re in Naga or Legazpi City because the food will not disappoint. Besides, I don’t think you’ll find Sili Ice Cream elsewhere in Bicol but in 1st Colonial Grill. Oh, don’t forget to also order their signature Tinapa Rice which you can also get with every rice value meal in their menu.

1st Colonial Grill, Naga City Centro
1st Colonial Grill (Naga City Centro branch) is at the corner of Elias Angeles and Arana Streets. It is just a stone’s throw away from Nagaland E-mall and San Francisco Church. It’s also along the strip of restaurants which include Chowking, Bigg’s Diner, and Mc Donald’s.

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  • My family and I are going to Naga again next year! I will try all the food that you recommended hahaha Parang di ko nga lang kaya un sili ice cream lol