Ramen Cravings satisfied at Tamagoya Noodle House

For our first food trip for 2015, the boys and I did not travel far. Instead, we decided just cross Marcos Highway and discover something new in Marikina City. The original plan was to try out any of the hole-in-the-wall restos along Lilac Street but, coming from a short errand in Cubao, we took Sumulong Highway and ended up being greeted by Tamagoya Noodle House as we took a left turn to Hon. B. Soliven. Since we were all craving for Japanese, we parked the car and lined up for seats.

20150103 Tamagoya Noodle House 02

Tamagoya Noodle House appeared to be a popular Japanese restaurant in the area judging from the queue of customers that Saturday night. The place had two floors but it was really jampacked. While waiting, we busied ourselves with choosing what to order once we get our seats.

20150103 Tamagoya Noodle House 01
After waiting a while, we were finally given seats in the back side of the second floor. The place did have that authentic Japanese noodle house vibe with all the wooden furniture, floors, and signages.

Since its bestsellers are really their noodle dishes, all three of us ordered noodle dishes plus a plate of Gyoza on the side.

20150103 Tamagoya Ramen

Tamagoya Ramen (Php 198)

20150103 Tamagoya Mabo Ramen

Mabo Ramen (Php 198)

20150103 Tamagoya Beef Yakisoba

Beef Yakisoba (Php 148)

20150103 Tamagoya Gyoza

Gyoza (Php 98)

The verdict? Everything’s yum and affordable. The servings were big, too. You can see in the photo that we asked for an extra bowl so my husband can have a taste of our soup. Rap had the spicy Mabo Ramen which I really liked. Not that my Tamagoya Ramen wasn’t delish because it was. The sweetness was just right. But I had the sniffles that night and the spicy tofu and soup of the Mabo Ramen was perfect for my palate. As for the Beef Yakisoba, it was just as we expected it to be.

20150103 Tamagoya Noodle House 04
If there’s one thing I’d like the place to improve on is the parking space because they only have two slots in front of the resto and other customers would have to settle parking across the street. Still, We are definitely coming back with family and friends because the place is warm and homey, not to mention that the menu is affordable. Besides, we haven’t explored Lilac Street yet!

i 20150103 Tamagoya Noodle House 03

Tamagoya Noodle House is located at #2 Hon. B. Soliven Avenue, Mayamot, Antipolo City.

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  • Looks like a great place to eat! I love eating lo mein noodles when I go out to places like these.

  • I agree, their parking isn’t really awesome. They have a few slots on the side but it gets filled up easily. The food’s not bad, it’s affordable and the staff are very accommodating!

  • Kathy

    That sounds like a great place to eat. I love all the dishes with noodles. My oldest daughter would love it there. She loves noodles!

  • mail4rosey

    It’s nice when you find something you like close to home. We’re big noodle fans here too!

  • Travel Blogger

    I have never been to a Japanese noodle house, but it looks delicious. I will have to try it out sometime.

  • mabi ramen is very new to me! wud love to try it too!

  • Now that’s one of the best ramen deals if you’d ask me – talk about value for money! Tamagoya Noodle House seems like a must-visit place in Antipolo. Do they have other branches?