J.Coffee, an excellent way to start your day

People would normally associate J.Co only with its delicious and cleverly named donuts – that’s me included. When I enter a J.Co store, my ultimate agenda would be to buy boxes of its assorted treats which would include our ultimate favorites such as Alcapone, Avocado Dicaprio, Tiramisu, and the simple yet delish, Glazzy.

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However, as its name implies, J.CO not only serves mouth-watering donuts but brews up cups of delicious coffee, as well, in the form of its “J.COFFEE” hand-crafted beverages. In Indonesia, where it’s originally from, J.Co is known as a lifestyle cafed that serves best-tasting coffee with delectable donuts. (Now, that explains why their donuts are not too sweet which we definitely love.) And we coffee-lovers know what Indonesia is famous for, right? What else but its internationally acclaimed coffee from the regions of Sulawesi and Sumatra.

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Sumatra coffee beans are picked by hand and processed using the wet-hull method, which removes the outer skin of the coffee cherries mechanically, and storing it up for a day, which results to reduced acidity and increased body, making the caffeine rustic and strong. Sulawesi, on the other hand, is a southeastern highland where multi-dimensional coffees are grown and could be distinguished by their expansive flavor with full-bodied richness. Similar to Sumatran coffees, the cup profile of Sulawesi has been called deep and brooding, with muted fruit notes and often an overpowering spicy quality.

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J.Co’s uses a special blend in their espresso shots and that results to full-bodied, medium acidity profile with a bitter-sweet citrus note which makes for a perfect base for hot, steaming cups of coffee especially when sipped in the form of their signature JCoccino, J.CO’s very own version of the cappuccino served warm. Add to that, these cups are prepared by J.Co’s very own Coffee Experts that are equipped to prepare unique blends topped with beautiful latte art. I do hope you also try Cafe Avocado which you can only enjoy at J.Co. Best thing of all, a Glazzy donut is served free for every J.COFFEE purchase.

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Lastly, J.Co’s newest café concept store just opened at Forbes Town Center. So if you’re craving for a fresh hand-crafted J.COFFEE to make your day, be sure to drop by!

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