Om Indian Kitchen at The Grove by Rockwell

When my husband was still working in Ortigas, my boy and I would usually wait for him to leave the office so we could have dinner on our way home. The Grove by Rockwell is along our route and, back then, Sunrise Buckets was the only resto that we found appealing. I’m just glad that there are now so many dining options at The Grove and Om Indian Kitchen is the latest we’ve tried.

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From what I gathered, Om Indian Kitchen is owned by the family of Magic 89.9 Radio Jock, Sam YG. Actually, his mom was busy in the kitchen while we were there. I knew it was her because there were also newspaper and magazine clippings displayed on the walls of the place. There were 2 Indian nationals dining then and I guess she was making sure that the food that was served was as authentic as it can get. She also approached us as we ended our meal and asked if we liked our food.

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The restaurant is not at all difficult to find. It was a weeknight so we had no trouble finding a parking spot just near Om Indian Kitchen. The place is small, probably with only a 20 to 30-guest seating capacity but there were table and chairs set up outside so dining al fresco can be done just in case the resto gets filled with customers.

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I actually liked the intimate and quiet space that Om Indian Kitchen has. The furniture has this authentic Indian feel and there were also writings on the wall that translate Indian words such as namaste and om.

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Even the toilet was intricately decorated with Indian artsy fixtures. I was in awe that I felt I had to take a picture of it.

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We were not really hungry that night and just wanted something light. Among the three of us, it is Rap who really loves and is familiar with Indian food so we let him choose the dishes we ordered.

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For starters, we had Vegetarian Samosa which is a pastry with spiced potatoes and green peas.  The samosa reminded me of the curry puff that we used to buy from Old Chang Kee when we were in Singapore. We ordered the plate of 3  (Php 115) so we each get one samosa.

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Samosa (plate of 3)

Then, we got us some Roti and Naan (both at Php 40/2 pcs) instead of having rice.  Roti is unleavened traditional Indian flatbread while the Naan is leavened with yeast, so it is thicker. I’m partial to Naan because I liked how soft and more filling it was. I think we ended up ordering a total of 2 sets of Roti and 3 sets of Naan. Haha!

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We also ordered Palak Paneer (Php 275) and Chicken Tikka Masala (Php 265). These dishes were perfect with the Roti and Naan because both had sauce.

Palak Paneer

Palak Paneer

Palak Paneer is paneer cheese simmered in spinach gravy. Paneer is unsalted white cheese which is almost similar to our local kesong puti. The spinach gravy that came with it was dark brown in color probably because of the spices that were mixed in it. The taste was really interesting and it the cheese pieces were chewy, much like eating blocks of mozzarella minus the saltiness.

2016-06-09 Om Indian Kitchen 09 800px

Chicken Tikka Masala

Meanwhile, the Chicken Tikka Masala was like other Chicken Tikka Masala versions we have already tried in other Indian restaurants. What I like about Om Indian Kitchen’s version is the sauce because it was not as thick and dry as the other versions I’ve tried. The spiciness was not overpowering, too, which is good for first-time Indian food adventurers.

Finally, for dessert, we had Gulab Jamun Ala Mode (Php 60) because we can’t decide between having Kulfi or Gulab Jamun. Kulfi is homemade ice cream made with pistachio, saffron, and cardamom. Gulab Jamun is sweet fried dough which is usually served with syrup and is a cross between doughnut and yema.

2016-06-09 Om Indian Kitchen 11 800px

Gulab Jamun Ala Mode

I read in some blogs that the Butter Chicken is a must-try and we might have this with Biryani Rice next time. As you can see, prices are affordable and the servings are for sharing. We are definitely coming back especially because I have yet to buy and take home a jar of chutney, LOL!

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Om Indian Kitchen is located at G/F The Grove By Rockwell, E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave. (C-5), Ugong, Pasig City. It is near the corner of Ortigas Avenue Extension and almost across Tiendesitas.

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  • I feel like I keep reading about butter chicken lately. So much so that I now want to try it. Can’t wait to hear how it is at Om Kitchen.

  • Awesome price range, I thought it would be on the expensive side because you mentioned Sam YG. Lol. I think this is a great place to sample Indian food. It all looks great and I’m sure the taste is even better. Do they ask you about the spiciness of the food, whether you want it hot or not?

    • No, they didn’t. I think it’s mild spicy by default and you can just request if you’d want if spicier.

  • What a nice little place! I woudl love to go there for some Indian food. Your meals looked great!

  • Kathy

    That looks like a great place to eat. The food looks amazing too. I love that the place looks very beautiful and clean too.

  • mail4rosey

    It’s nice that the furniture had an authentic feel. The food looks great!

  • Nicole Cochingco Escat

    I like the concept of the place but I am not a big fan of Indian foods. When we get to rockwell, we will try this place.

  • Nikki

    Oh, this makes me crave for Indian cuisine. I like their curry, I love the foods here!

  • Louise Bishop

    This dining experience looks so elegant and I am sure that the food is not your common, everyday food. What a nice change.

  • christina aliperti

    That looks like a great place. The atmosphere is lovely and the food looks divine. I would love a date night here.

  • Lisa Rios

    I love Indian foods so much & we have a Indian family near by who used to surprise us with some delicious foods at times. The Chicken Tikka Masala is such a yummy recipe & Gulab Jamun is an mouth watering dessert that anyone would fall in love.

  • CourtneyLynne Storms

    Ooo this restaurant looks absolutely delicious!!! I need to give it a try!