The Taste Of Sweetness

When you’re on vacation or spending time with the family in town, you might crave a sweet treat. There is one item that is healthy for everyone, and it comes in a variety of flavors. Many ice cream stores offer no sugar added yogurt, and there are several toppings and ways to eat the yogurt that make the treat delicious for all ages.

One of the benefits of the yogurt is that it doesn’t have the high sugar content that ice cream has, which is ideal for those who are diabetics or those who are trying to watch what they eat in order to lose weight. You can get flavors that are the same as ice cream, such as vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. It’s sometimes easier to get yogurt flavors with fruit in them as the fruit is brought out instead of the sweetness from the sugar.

Although it might not have the exact same taste, Greek frozen yogurt is one that is a little healthier than the traditional kinds. It has a higher amount of protein and is a bit creamier. Flavors include caramel and honey vanilla. Some ice cream shops have no-weigh specials where you pay one price for a full cup of yogurt. Even though the product is a healthy option, you should still monitor the amount that you eat. A normal size is about three ounces. If you like toppings, then consider limiting the amount to those that you really enjoy and that you don’t get to eat with your treat most of the time. Fruits and nuts are often a better option than the candies and sweet additions. Nuts also give your yogurt a crunchy component.

Non-fat and sugar-free are the healthiest options available. Most places have signs up that let you know which flavors don’t have any fat in them and which ones have only a small amount. Even the yogurts that have Splenda in them as a sweetener are still delicious and have the smooth consistency that you likely enjoy with a cup of yogurt. If you want to add a bit more sweetness, then consider dark chocolate as it’s a little healthier than other ingredients.

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