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Cook Magazine’s enchanting “Sweet 16” anniversary party

The country’s longest running monthly food publication, Cook Magazine recently celebrated it’s 16th year with an evening of merriment, entertainment, and prizes. Led by Cook Magazine Advertising Manager Marlon Aldenese and his team, the yearly party dubbed “Holiday Bash” was again a coming together of advertisers, subscribers, contributors, chefs and friends including us – everyone who has made Cook what it is today.


The event also served as an opportunity to launch Cook’s new baby for 2017 – the BusinessMirror Cook Saturday Edition. Put to print in November 2016, the new insert in BusinessMirror comes out every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month...

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Feed hungry children by supporting the Restaurants Against Hunger campaign

This season of giving, help feed malnourished Pinoy children by supporting the Restaurants Against Hunger campaign. From November 15, 2016 to January 15, 2017, international non-government organization Action Against Hunger, together with partner restaurants and top chefs, are bringing to life the Restaurants Against Hunger campaign. The campaign aims to save the lives of malnourished Pinoy kids through “Dishes that Feed More” in participating restaurants. When ordered, proceeds from these dishes go to Action Against Hunger’s programs in alleviating extreme malnutrition across the country.

Restaurants Against Hunger Dishes That Feed More

Action Against Hunger is a worldwide organization that aims to fight the hunger problems in nearly 50 countries for more than 40 years now...

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Sasa Asian Cuisine gives a new take on Asian flavors

Care to taste something new? Sasa Asian Cuisine, located at Estancia Mall, Capitol Commons, gives a fresh take on Asian fusion cuisine that will be surely loved by Pinoys. Our favorite dishes from Japan, Korea, Singapore and Malaysia are made even better with a Pinoy twist, thanks to the genius that is Chef Raymar Reyes and his team.

We started our Asian fusion experience with the Fried Yasai Itame made of stir-fried vegetables placed in between layers of fried lumpia wrappers and drizzled with Japanese mayo.

Fried Yasai Itame

Fried Yasai Itame
Family (Php 350)

We were then served with a big platter of Black Pepper Prawns. Don’t be fooled by its name because the dish is not spicy at all, even kids can eat this.


Black Pepper Prawns
Regular (Php 350)
Family (Php 600)

Meanwhile, the Crispy Pork Belly in T...

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Awesome Christmas finds at Groupon Goods

Wait, what? November is ending already? I’m almost hitting the panic button because I haven’t even started with my Christmas shopping, yet!  Last year, I was almost as busy so we ended up asking the househelp to cook a mean bagoong (shrimp paste) that we distributed to friends and family. But not everyone can have bagoong for Christmas, right?

Good thing, there are a lot of awesome Christmas finds at Groupon Goods. There’s something for the boss, something for my teen, et. al. I can even see something that I really, really love. Which gets me to share the link to my husband. I hope he gets the message, LOL! But seriously, though, Groupon has everything!

Here’s one that I absolutely love!


Isn’t this cool? I’m thinking of gifting this pair  of drumstick slash mixing spoons to my son...

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