Awesome Christmas finds at Groupon Goods

Wait, what? November is ending already? I’m almost hitting the panic button because I haven’t even started with my Christmas shopping, yet!  Last year, I was almost as busy so we ended up asking the househelp to cook a mean bagoong (shrimp paste) that we distributed to friends and family. But not everyone can have bagoong for Christmas, right?

Good thing, there are a lot of awesome Christmas finds at Groupon Goods. There’s something for the boss, something for my teen, et. al. I can even see something that I really, really love. Which gets me to share the link to my husband. I hope he gets the message, LOL! But seriously, though, Groupon has everything!

Here’s one that I absolutely love!


Isn’t this cool? I’m thinking of gifting this pair  of drumstick slash mixing spoons to my son who’s both an ouido cook and musician. I can picture him cooking his mean sriracha egg sauce with these spoons then make some joyful noise in the kitchen while waiting for the sauce to simmer. This is going to be fun, I’m sure!

How is your Christmas gift list now? Are you almost done with your shopping? Good for you if you’re already wrapping them. But if you still have to shop, why don’t you check Groupon Goods out and save a lot of time and money.

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