#TasteCavite in Island Cove’s special “Taste Cavite” menu

Living in Rizal for almost a decade now, we seldom visit Cavite, let alone, go on a food trip in the province. So when Island Cove Hotel and Leisure Park in Kawit invited me to try their new menu, I was ecstatic to  give it a go! I am not really familiar with the specialties of the province but I was sure that it would not only taste good but colored with the Cavite’s rich heritage.  And this is precisely what Island Cove’s “Taste Cavite” menu would like to showcase to its patrons. Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday starting November 18 and daily starting December 22, 2016, this special menu will be available at the hotel’s Fishing Village.

Island Cove Hotel and Leisure Park Fishing Village

So, are you ready to go on a virtual Cavite culinary tour with me? Let’s begin…


We start our tour of Cavite in Kawit where Island Cove is located. Mutya ng Cavite (Php 600) is the Pinoy version of bouillabaisse, as Executive Vill Purificacion explains. It’s originally from the old 7 Sisters Restaurant owned by the Sabater Family of Marulas, Kawit. The creamy soup consists of mussels, crab, clams, and shrimps. I totally understand how it became Island Cove Hotel and Leisure Park Managing Director, Gilbert Remulla’s personal favorite.

Pancit Kawit (better known as Pancit Pusit) is cooked in squid ink giving it a dark shade. It is then topped with squid rings, grated green mangoes, and scallions.

Pancit Kawit/Pancit Pusit (Php 450)

Pancit Kawit/Pancit Pusit(Php 450)

Another noodle dish from Kawit is the Pancit Puso that uses a combination of bihon and miki bihon noodles cooked in achuete with small slices of pork and thinky sliced green beans, carrots, cabbage, and thinly sliced banana blossom. I liked how it tasted because it is already cooked with vinegar, thus, there will be no need to add calamansi juice after.

Pancit with Puso ng Saging (Php 450)

Pancit with Puso ng Saging (Php 450)

Last dish on our visit to Kawit is the Afritadang Gulay na may Baboy. It’s stir-fried vegetable with sweet  potatoes, pechay, bell peppers, and sauteed pork. A hearty ulam that can be perfectly paired with rice.

Afritadang Gulay na may Baboy

Afritadang Gulay na may Baboy (Php 450)

Next, we go to Bacoor by tasting its specialty, the Tahong Chips. These are mussels that were dried, mixed with flour and spices, then deep-fried. I’ve tasted these before when a friend brought me a bag as pasalubong but, I must admit, Island Cove’s version tasted better especially when dipped in its special suka.


Tahong Chips (Php 200)

Meanwhile, Cavite City proves to be a foodie haven with four authentic Caviteño culinary delights. The funny-sounding Fried Lawlaw has become our group’s personal favorite because, like the tahong chips, it’s just like eating chicheria. Chef Vill said that the Lawlaw comes from the Herring family and it’s so hard to fillet the small fish that only one restaurant in the town has been doing it since 1800s.


Fried Lawlaw (Php 300)

Another fish dish from Cavite City is the Spanish-influenced dish called Bacalao. Dry-salted labahita (surgeon fish) is flaked and cooked with vegetables, Spanish chorizo, and garbanzos in anatto oil. I can imagine eating it with fried rice and sunny-side up eggs on a lazy Sunday morning. So yum!

Bacalao (Php 500)

Bacalao (Php 500)

For soup-lovers, Cavite City presents Calandracas which is made with carrots, potatoes, cabbage, chickpeas, chicken gizzard, chorizo, and macaroni noodles boiled in ham stock and seasoned with Patis Tanza.


Calandracas (Php 200)

And surprisingly, Cavite City also has its own version of Tamales, which is a popular Pampangeño delicacy. Back in the days, farmers bring tamales as baon for lunch because it’s already a complete meal. The steamed dish is made of galapong (glutinous rice flour) mixed with corn meal, chicken, pork, and salted egg, then wrapped in banana leaves.


Tamales (Php 300)

Our next stop on this culinary tour is General Trias. This time, we become acquainted with their version of the Valenciana. The dish is similar to the Spanish paella with chorizo de Bilbao, chicken, and pork, but cooked in coconut milk. It’s reddish than the Valenciana I know that my Ilonggo relatives cook but it’s as delish!


Valenciana(Php 450)

Another surprising discovery  of the day is the Pancit Malabon that is originally from General Trias as the townsfolk would say. Back in the Spanish era, General Trias was known as San Francisco de Malabon. Thus, their specialty which is made of glass noodles, shrimps, tinapa (smoked fish) and eggs mixed with shrimp sauce and topped with chicharon became known as Pancit Malabon.

Pancit Malabon

Pancit Malabon (Php 450)

And finally, we go to Imus by tasting its especially unique Adobong Imus. While most Adobo dishes are cooked with soy sauce, the town’s version is instead slow-cooked in vinegar, annatto oil, bay leaves, and salt and pepper.

Adobong Imus

Adobong Imus (Php 450)

Imus is also the source of the Kakanin (Kutsinta, Sapin-sapin, and Puto).

Kakanin Platter

Kakanin Platter (Php 300)
Photo is just a personal plate.

Did you enjoy the tour? You can visit all of these towns of Cavite while having a fill of their different delicacies while seated inside one of Fishing Village’s bamboo huts standing on water and facing Manila Bay. You know what? If you have  balikbayan friends or relatives coming over for the holidays, this will be the perfect place to bring them to. And all it takes is a quick drive through the Manila-Cavite expressway, 20 minutes away from the SM Mall of Asia.

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