Top 5 Rainy Day Filipino Food Favorites

rainy day Filipino food list

Whenever it rains, I have this craving for rainy day Filipino food that reminds me of my childhood in the flooded streets of Manila. There’s always something to look forward to after wading through dirty waters that can chase away the cold, and hopefully, the germs. I remember my father or my aunt cooking delicious Pinoy food that would tempt me with their scent, texture, and taste. The warm bowls are a welcome sight on our table and my siblings and I would heartily devour to the last spoonful.

Rainy Day Filipino Food to Warm Your Hearts

I try to recreate Filipino food that comforts the tummy and the heart during rainy days. To give you an idea, I grouped foods according to their major ingredients and their variants.

  • Lugaw. Who would refuse a piping hot bowl of rice porridge after an onslaught of rain? If you’re Pinoy, you probably gave in to the sight of arroz caldo, goto, or champorado. They’re filling and their add ons (boiled egg, tokwa’t baboy, or tuyo) is already a full meal.
  • Noodles. If you’d rather not eat rice, noodles are another Pinoy food that will leave you deliciously full. There’s batchoy, lomi, or mami that’s a balance of carbs, proteins, and fats needed by growing bodies.
    Soups. For a meatier take that pairs well with steamed rice, there’s shrimp or pork sinigang, and beef bulalo. Sabaw pa lang, ulam na.
  • Ginataan. For those with sweet tooth, variants of ginataan such as ginataang bilo-bilo or ginataang halo-halo are winners. The former is made of ground glutinous rice balls while the latter is made of camote (sweet potato), saba (cardava banana), and sweet jackfruit strips.
  • Boiled. Too lazy to cook? There’s always sweet or white corn, balut and penoy, or warm chocolate tableya that can stew in hot water for a quick, filling snack. If you want something cheaper, there’s coffee and salabat (ginger tea) waiting on the wings.

Filipino food on rainy days is truly delicious and filling. But for me, it’s the kind of cuisine that brings back memories from childhood that not only warms my tummy, but also my heart.

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  • RebelSweetHrt

    Lugaw, champorado, and mami are our rainy day favorites. Looking at that bowl of lugaw is making me hungry, haha. 🙂

  • zoan gonzales

    sasabihin ko sana, nagkulang ka. kasi apat lang yung by grouping mo hehe but anyways, pag maulan, gusto natin ung mainit, kaya top pick talaga ung mga lugaw at sabaw! isama pa yung noodles, anything na may pansit!

  • Blair Villanueva

    Ginataan dishes or anything with coconut oil is perfect during rainy season. Coconut milk are naturally warm and its great to help warm our body.