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Give the gift of education through The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® ‘s 2017 Giving Journal

The Christmas season has always been a time of joy and giving. It’s a time of sharing blessings to others in need. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®  reminds everyone about this very essence of the season with its 2017 Giving Journal. Focused on this year’s theme, “the cup that changes lives,” the 2017 Giving Journal makes sure that CBTL™’s commitment to giving and making lives better, one cup at a time, still holds true as it has since the time it started.

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® 's 2017 Giving Journal

This year’s beneficiary of the 2017 Giving Journal are the scholars of the Real LIFE Foundation, as it was back in 2011 when the company supported the foundation’s “Adopt-a-Scholar” program. Thus, CBTL™ coffee fanatics are not only encouraged to buy cups of coffee to collect stickers for redeeming their dream planner...

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Conlins Launches Lily’s Premium Instant Coffee

“What is coffee for you?” I was asked this question one rainy afternoon of September by no other than Eric Lim, COO of Conlins Coffee Company. I  just said one word – WARMTH. And I’m not just talking about the sensation that you feel when you hold a steaming hot cup of coffee. I was also referring to the warm, comfy feeling that I get whenever I have coffee at home or in a coffee shop with friends. Coffee, for me, helps make lasting moments. Don’t you agree?


This is the same experience that Eric wants to bring with every cup of coffee he brews and every product he creates. A licensed coffee Q grader,  he shared to us that afternoon how his love affair with coffee began. It was so touching that it got me teary-eyed because it hit home...

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J.Coffee, an excellent way to start your day

People would normally associate J.Co only with its delicious and cleverly named donuts – that’s me included. When I enter a J.Co store, my ultimate agenda would be to buy boxes of its assorted treats which would include our ultimate favorites such as Alcapone, Avocado Dicaprio, Tiramisu, and the simple yet delish, Glazzy.

poster A3

However, as its name implies, J.CO not only serves mouth-watering donuts but brews up cups of delicious coffee, as well, in the form of its “J.COFFEE” hand-crafted beverages. In Indonesia, where it’s originally from, J.Co is known as a lifestyle cafed that serves best-tasting coffee with delectable donuts. (Now, that explains why their donuts are not too sweet which we definitely love...

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Every Coffee Needs a Lotus

Lotus Biscoff finally lands in Manila all the way from Europe. Known as “The In-Flight Treat” with more than 90 million Biscoff biscuits consumed last year in the US alone, it’s no surprise how people are excited to finally have their coffee with a Lotus Biscoff cookie here in the country.

2014-11-19 Lotus Biscoff 01-2
I was blessed to be invited in Lotus Biscoff’s exclusive media launch last week in Makati. Truly, it’s a first class experience sipping hot, freshly-brewed coffee with a bite of these deliciously crunchy caramelized biscuits. Here’s a tip, bite a small piece of the cookie, let it melt a bit in your mouth, and take a sip of hot brewed coffee. Ang sarapI tell you!  The subtle sweetness of each biscuit complements coffee well. This unique taste come’s from the sugar’s caramelization during the baking process. A hint of cinnamon and other spices also add a special twist.

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