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Real free-range chicken from Pamora Farm

Filipinos nowadays are leaning more into healthy organic food and my family is no exception. We try to buy and eat organic food as much as we can. I admit, it could be a luxury especially when you’re living in the city like we do. But what’s a few additional bucks compared to a sound and healthy body.

Some of the organic produce that are just within our reach are free-range chicken and eggs. There are now a handful of  brands, both commercially-known ones and new players in the industry,  that offer free-range chicken in the country today. One of these is Pamora Farm, a Filipino-European joint venture that operates in Pidigan, Abra.

2013-04-27 Pamora Free-range Chicken event

Owners Tina and Gerard Papillon (both in yellow) with the chef of Brasserie CiÇou.

My wife and I had the pleasure of sharing an intimate lunch with the couple behind Pamora Farm, Gerard and Tina Papillon.  Pamora is actually a combination of Gerard and Tina’s family names – Papillon and Morados. Tina’s mother is from Abra which explains why the farm’s 4-hectare property is located there. The chicken production started in early 2000 after Tina attended a seminar on raising free-range chicken.

2013-04-27 Pamora Free-range Chicken event

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