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Awesome Christmas finds at Groupon Goods

Wait, what? November is ending already? I’m almost hitting the panic button because I haven’t even started with my Christmas shopping, yet!  Last year, I was almost as busy so we ended up asking the househelp to cook a mean bagoong (shrimp paste) that we distributed to friends and family. But not everyone can have bagoong for Christmas, right?

Good thing, there are a lot of awesome Christmas finds at Groupon Goods. There’s something for the boss, something for my teen, et. al. I can even see something that I really, really love. Which gets me to share the link to my husband. I hope he gets the message, LOL! But seriously, though, Groupon has everything!

Here’s one that I absolutely love!


Isn’t this cool? I’m thinking of gifting this pair  of drumstick slash mixing spoons to my son...

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What Rinnai Brings to the Pinoy Table

Cooking is very much a passion ingrained in the lives of every Filipino. Here in the Philippines, familial ties are strengthened with time spent at the household table.

In today’s context, the value of a home-cooked meal still lies in the effort we spend preparing it and how that is tantamount to the care we serve to ones we love. Rinnai, the no. 1 appliance brand in Japan since 1920, seeks to elevate the way Filipino millennials prepare their meals with tabletop stoves, hobs, cooking ranges, and range hoods designed with the precise performance of Japanese technology.


Rinnai’s impressive line of cooking appliances are made for Filipinos looking to invest in a full kitchen set-up or outfit a newly-purchased home...

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Everyday home solutions from Urban Kitchen

We love holding parties at home, especially when we started living in our own home. There’s this certain sense of pride that I feel when guests give us compliments. I also love cooking for our guests and serving food using my own collection of ceramic and glass dishes. It gets boring, though, when you get to use the same dishes in every event so I really make it a point to buy a few new ones when the budget permits.

urban kitchen
Urban Kitchen makes this task easy for me. At its recently held, “Chill in The City” event, Urban Kitchen launched “easy living” and “easy entertaining” solutions for the modern home. I was blessed to be invited at the event where I personally saw Urban Kitchen’s array of quality kitchen and tableware products. The items are made of unbreakable plastic and are very trendy and stylish.

2013-07-18 Urban Kitchen LR 02

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