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No-Fail Classic Holiday Dessert Recipes from Jolly Cow Condensada

For the season of feast and festivities, nothing beats the classic and decadent Filipino desserts. Find joy and comfort from these incredibly affordable recipes that’s made creamier and perfectly sweeter with Jolly Cow Condensada, the all-time favorite dessert ingredient to round out your holiday meal.

Fiesta Fruit Salad



1 can                     Jolly Cow Condensada

1 can (850g)         Jolly Tropical Fruit Cocktail, drained well

1 cup                    Shredded fresh buco (young coconut)

1 cup                     Nata de coco, drained well

1 cup                     Jolly Peach halves, drained well

1 cup                     Pineapple tidbits, drained well

1 cup                     Slices of fresh fruits like apple and ...

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Frabelle Premium Honey Glazed Ham

How was your Christmas feast? Ours was a happy one even though I felt a bit tired from all the cooking I did. Yes, I did all the cooking even though we spent Noche Buena at my parents home. I prepared Spaghetti, Beef Stroganoff, Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet, Lo Han Chai, and Soy Garlic Chicken. But this post will not be about that, but about the new addition to our Christmas feast which is Frabelle Premium Honey Glazed Ham.

Before Noche Buena, we haven’t tried buying and tasting any Frabelle Foods product. I have always been the type of shopper who’s faithful to my favorite brands. But Frabelle Foods sent me their Frabelle Premium Honey Glazed Ham to try and I was so happy that it arrived 2 days before Noche Buena.

Frabelle Christmas Ham

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Our Christmas and New Year Feast

Happy New Year! I’m sure your tummy had its fill of yummy feasts during the past holiday season. Honestly, I and the boys gained pounds when my sister-in-law and her family came from the province and stayed with us for a week. Ate Cel is a certified cook and she has a catering business in Naga City. That’s why, when she’s with us, it’s almost always fiesta food at home!

Noche Buena

Our Noche Buena feast all cooked by Ate Cel.

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