Zubuchon, Cebu’s World Famous Lechon

Internationally acclaimed food expert, Anthony Bourdain, called it the “best pig, ever!” I couldn’t agree more.

2012-03-18 Cebu LR (100)
Cebu’s lechon (roasted pig) is known to be different from the usual Tagalog lechon that we have in Cainta. Cebu‘s lechon doesn’t need a dipping sauce because the flavors are all locked in the meat by acupuncture. And for someone who loves Mang Tomas, it’s definitely a change for me not to look for sauce.

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Zubuchon in Cebu raised Cebu’s already famous lechon into a higher level. Not only would you enjoy lechon the traditional plain roasted way but you can also eat it as Pritchon (fried lechon). By the way, according to the servers, Zubu was Cebu’s former name way back in the Spanish colonial times and that’s how the restaurant got its name.

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Zubuchon’s predominantly white interior spells cleanliness. The Mactan branch that we visited was in the premises of Islands Stay Hotel which also has a clean minimalist ambiance. I highly commend the staff for being so accommodating as they patiently explained the difference of one dish from another.

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Rap had the Zubuchon (Php 140) which is the standard Cebu lechon. I wasn’t able to resist asking for a teenie weeny piece of its crunchy golden brown skin. Sobrang sarap!

2012-03-18 Cebu LR (103)
I had the Pritchon (Php 140) just to be different from Rap’s order. By the end of our meal, we were exchanging ulam, hahaha! I enjoyed his Zubuchon more while he loved the crispiness of my Pritchon.

2012-03-18 Cebu LR (106)
Dadi, on the other hand, had Dinuguan (pork stew in pig’s blood, Php 90). Back here in Cainta, the dinuguan that comes with our lechon order is made of the pig’s innards. Zubuchon’s dinuguan has pork and is topped with chicharon (crunchy pork skin).

2012-03-18 Cebu LR (107)
Just so we can have fiber in our meal to wash away all that cholesterol, we ordered a plate of Adobong Kangkong (Php 80) and the Seaweed Platter (Php 90). The Adobong Kangkong is just like what I cook at home but Zubuchon’s version is a bit sweeter and is also topped with chicharon.

2012-03-18 Cebu LR (108)
The Seaweed Platter has an interesting mix because only the lato is familiar to me. We were informed that the other seaweeds were called guso and lukot (gah, I couldn’t remember which is which).

2012-03-18 Cebu LR (109)
For total cleansing, we had Zubuchon’s special drink, the Kamias Shake (Php 90). I didn’t know that kamias (iba) has anti-fat properties. I better start harvesting from my mom’s kamias tree, lol!

2012-03-18 Cebu LR (102)
We had a very pleasant dining experience in Zubuchon that, on the day of our departure, I bought a kilo of fresh lechon and half a kilo of lechon sisig to Manila. They have a small stall at Mactan International Airport and the lechon can be boxed up for your convenience.

Zubuchon in Mactan is located at the Ground Floor of Islands Stay Hotel, ML Quezon Highway, Pusok, Lapu-lapu City. Meanwhile, it’s better to reserve your lechon pasalubong for pick-up at their stall in their airport upon the day of your departure. You can call them at (032)236-5264 or 0917-6274761.

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  • i should try that someday..:)



  • Awesome food, and the seaweed platter looks delicious! I really wish they open a branch in Manila soon… 

  • That lechon is to die for, and I want to try the Kamias Shake! 

  • Luna Miranda

    i’ve always wanted to try Zubuchon…didn’t realize there’s one in Pusok, Lapu-Lapu.  i usually stay in a hotel in the area.  will definitely check them out soon.:p

  • i’ve always wanted to try Zubuchon… natakam ako sa blogpost  mo.. sana mag open na sila sa Manila nang branch 

    • Naku, Leirs. Kung pwede lang kumain ng maraming lechon. Takot lang ako sa altapresyon! 😀

  • Wah. I want some pritchon and dinuguan, too! 

  • I want to try Zubuchon! Sana magkaron dito sa Manila. Parang ang sarap! XD

  • Sarah

    Another reason, i would love to go back to Cebu is the food and this Zubuchon will be worth a visit. 🙂

  • U8mypinkcookies

    wow!! yummm yummm!

  • Kamias being that interested me suddenly too! lols. Would love to try Zubuchon too, hopefully soon! Yummy!

  • Eileen Cooking

    I am an avid fan of Marketman who owns Zubuchon.  I have not been fortunate enough to make a trip back to Cebu.  But if ever I do a meal at Zubuchon will be a must for me. 

  • I went to Cebu once but sadly, I wasn’t able to get a taste of Zubuchon. I’ll be back to Cebu mid this year though, and I’ll super make sure that I eat some pieces of the best pig ever! 😀

  • This is something I definitely want to try. I am especially curious about the two other kinds of seaweed accompanying lato. Never heard of them before but i want to try them because I love seaweeds! 😀 Didn’t know kamias had anti-fat properties too 😀

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